Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Interview Questions for finance peopl

1. What are different activities in Cash flow Statements?
2. Dividend Payments are reported under which section of Cash Flow Statement?
3. What is the journal entry for "Deferred Revenue Expenditure"?
4. Give us examples for Deferred Revenue Expenditure apart from Heavy Advertisement Expenses?
5. What is Accrued Income? Give us some examples
6. Differences between operating leases and finance leases
7. What is accrual concept? Give us examples?
8. What do you know about Bills Payables?
9. Entry for Shares issued on Premium
10 Accounting entry for Credit Purchase
11. Accounting entry for "Calls-in-Arrears"
12. A company has weak financial conditions and it has signs of becoming bankrupt. And Company has some fixed assets. As an accountant, how are you going to report these fixed assets on 31st March?
13. Why an accountant must follow Accounting Concepts? If don't follow what happens?
14. What is dividend yield? Explain?
15. What is PE Ratio? Explain
16. There is another formula for PE Ratio. Explain?
17. What is ideal current ratio?
18. As a finance manager, how can you raise funds?
19. Between Equity and Debt, which is the better way?
20. Tell us the differences between "Fictitious Assets" and "Intangible Assets"?
21. What is Market Capitalization? Explain?
22. What is Securitization?
23. What is the meaning of Diversification? Explain about Systematic and Unsystematic Risk?
24. What is BEP? How to calculate?
25. Explain about Contribution Margin?
26. Examples for Semi-Variable Costs?
27.What is Sunk Cost and Explain?
28. What is Opportunity Cost? Give us some examples?
29.What are Mutual Funds? Why should we invest in Mutual Funds?
30. What is business entity concept? If an accountant will not follow this concept, what happens?
31. What is EPS? What kind of corporate actions will affect the EPS value?
32. What's the difference between Operating Profit and Net Profit? Explain?
33. What is Bridge Finance? Explain?
34. What is Minority Interest? Where do you report? Why should we report minority interest?
35. How do you calculate Cash flows from operations ?
36. What's the difference between MOA & AOA?
37.How to construct a portfolio?
38. What's the difference between quick ratio and absolute liquidity ratio?
39. What is Debt Service Coverage Ratio? explain?>
40. What is Debt Equity Ratio? Explain?
41. Why do we do ratio analysis?
42. What's the difference between Investment and Capital?
43. What is Capital Budgeting and How is it useful?
44. What is NAV and How to calculate NAV?
45. Explain the process of Book Building Method?
46. What's the difference between Parent Company and Subsidiary Companies?
47. What is Deemed Public Company? Explain?
48. What is Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio? What kind of industries use this ratio?
49. To evaluate Services Company, which ratio is used?
50. Accounting entry for Pre-Paid Expenses?
51. Accounting entry for Forfeited Capital?
52. What is the entry for Credit Purchase?
53. What is the difference between Rebate and discount?
54. What's your Summer Project? Why you did this (Discussion for about 20 Minutes)

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