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Want to make career in finance then read this article :

Want to make career in finance then read this article ?


The world runs on money, and the economics of money is managed by the various professionals who have made their career in the financial sector. So if you are an aspiring student, who not only wants to be associated with money, but also make a whole lot of money – being in finance is the best thing you would ever do.
What kind of job profiles are there in Finance?

1. Stockbrokers: Have you ever wondered about the share market? Buying and sell of company stocks and shares?. The broker who is the mediatory between the company and the buyer are called Stockbrokers. As a broker, you are one of the prestigious people who are partly responsible for the market and its growth. You are the one that influences others to make risky investments in a company. You are the advisor who understands the market so thoroughly and people depend on you to make them rich.
One of the best depictions of a stockbroker was shown in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness which was based on Chris Gardner.

2. Insurance Broker: These are the professionals who sell, negotiates or solicits insurance for a career. From car, house etc. and at time life insurance. As an insurance broker you deal with companies or individuals and pursue them to buy insurance and in return you charge a nominal fee in return.

3. Accountants and Auditors: These individuals are those who help managers, tax authorities, investors etc. to make appropriate decision in allocating resources appropriately. Accountants perform audits for individuals or companies. Each company has their own accountants and also hire external auditors who come in to audit a firm for tax purposes. As an accountant you have the opportunity to work in the Big Four companies – Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG.

4. Finance Managers: In an organization, the individual who deals with the monetary aspect of a company is called a Finance Manager. They are the ones who manage the funds in a manner that suffices the objectives of the company. It includes managing the company’s capital i.e., raising capital, allocating it and capital budgeting.

5. Financial Analyst: A financial analyst, equity analyst, research analyst, securities analyst or investment analyst is a person who performs financial analysis for external or internal clients as a core part of their job.

6. Banking Jobs: If you want to be where money is made, banking jobs are perfect for you. You could be a teller to the bank manager. You could be an advisor to the accountant – working in the bank is a huge arena of opportunities, that you could be a part off.

Educational Qualifications Required
Each finance job has their own eligibility criteria, varying from country to country. For example for a stockbroker you would have to have certain certifications. Same goes for insurance broker, charted accountant etc.
The basic educational qualification that is required is a degree in economics or commerce plus which ever certification you want to take. For example for charted accountancy in India you need to clear ICAI, for a finance manager you need to have a MBA degree in Finance, for a stock broker you need to register yourself with the stock exchange.

Perks of being in Finance?

1. Good Money: The richest employees in the world are those who are in the field of finance. Their salary and perks are way beyond most professions. Plus during the course of your job, you get to meet so many people and every deal you make through them – higher it goes, as does your commission.

2. Corporate Working Lifestyle: The typical corporate life would be yours. From high end offices and companies to great surroundings. You get the opportunity to create a solid network – that definitely proves beneficial to you and your future endeavors.

3. Travel in Leisure: Have you been dreaming about travelling in first class? Most high end finance jobs not only offer you the opportunity to travel but also the fact that you would be travelling in business class flights and top hotels

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