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Interested in Writing articles ? Any article whether it may be of motivation or whether it may be of stock market ,whether it may of exam tips or whether it may be of finance ,send it across to us we will post them in the site with your name and photo(if u want to share) ,and whole world can see it.

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Format of Articles

Heading or Article Title

The headline should be short, grammatically correct, and Relevant of Content. Writing a relevant and proper headline or the title of the article is one of the most important features of the article. It is on reading the headline of the article, that the reader decides whether to proceed and read the entire article.

Introduction of the Article

It should contain about 200-300 words.  The introduction of the article should give the reader, a brief idea of the subject of discussion of the article. In the introduction, you can simply define some important terms or concepts which would be discussed in detail in the main body of the article. The introduction should ideally be a few sentences and should be in a font smaller than the title or the headline. It should contain about 200-300 words.

Main Body of the Article

The main body of the article is a very vital part of the article because it is supposed to answer all the questions of the reader. The first thing to remember while writing the main body of the article is that it should be relevant to the subject or the title of the article. The body of the article can have multiple paragraphs and ideally you should have a subtitle for each of the paragraphs. This will enable the reader to know at a glance of what that particular paragraph is talking about.

Author Details

Please Send Your Details like – Your Full Name, Email Address, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Account URL’S,  Passport size coloured photograph.

Copyright Notice: Do not submit any material for which you don’t hold the rights

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