Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What difference, can an MBA make in your life?

This is a pertinent question, one that comes to mind, while weighing in the pros and cons of acquiring an MBA degree. And if you have wondered about this as well, then let’s explore and find you some answers. First off, there’s the usual and guaranteed monetary benefit, but there’s more to it than a pay hike and a fancy job title.   The MBA programmes are rigorous and exhaustive, aimed at giving an insight into the world of business - equipping students with the knowledge and skill required to function in a workplace. Sharing their MBA experience, most MBA grads state that one thing that they gain from their MBA programmes is a sharpening of their ability to think strategically. In the two-year course duration, students work on several projects, presentations and assignments that provide them ample opportunity to collaborate with peers – encouraging team work. Both these qualities – strategic thinking and teamwork - are highly sought after by employers. However, what you learn at a B-school isn’t just related to the business world, these are skills can work outside of the office set-up.


Out-of-the-box thinking isn’t just a mantra applied at the workplace, in fact, students are encouraged to explore their ‘entrepreneurial’ side. And it is an ideal course for those who have business ideas, but no business background as the course provides business know-how that is required to manage and or run any business successfully. In that sense, it gives flight to people’s dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.   And even if one doesn’t intend to set their own business up, the course helps them become better managers. While managing people is one role among the many that makes someone a good manager. The MBA programme helps give you a business perspective, whether it is about participating in business planning or developing as well as managing product research or analysing current marketing trends. Now a days, Distance MBA Courses are also in vogue. And they also offer the option of studying at the comfort of your home   The many projects, presentations and assignments allow students to practice, develop and polish their communication skills, a vital aspect for another looking to manage teams.    And studies point out that while some companies (read startups) prefer MBA grads with couple of years work experience, larger organisations opt for fresh MBA grads. This means that both – working professionals as well as fresher’s have a level playing field.   With Universities like Pondicherry University are taking their professional MBA online courses, one can pursue an MBA course without having to take time off from full-time work.      An MBA degree enriches your life in more ways than one while there are obvious benefits (as discussed above) one that cannot be ignored is the fact that these courses attract the brightest minds across industries, regions. And when you choose to enrol in an MBA, you become part of the community that is forever pushing the envelope to make business more appealing, successful and profitable. As a management student you get to form a bond with peers, mentors and faculty that transcend the campus or course. It’s a start to a lifelong association that holds a lot of promise.

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