Monday, 14 September 2015

What Actually that 9:30 AM is meant to stock brokers

Hai guys,

Generally many of us (students) may not have personal laptops πŸ’»πŸŽ…πŸ»(which deals with business of stock brokings etc. I bet u will definitely end up with better knowledge on those things after watching this movie ) (which deals with illegal imports and exports, how to avoid tax in foreign countries )
 or a source from which they can watch some particular awesome knowledgeable movies which are related to our things like CA, finance, stock markets, scams , tax evasion plans, swizz bank secrets etc etc ..,

Yes there are movies which are related to our CA and finance things that everyone has to watch :
1. The wolf of wall street 
2. Badmaash company 
3. Gafla (hindi)
4. Veedokkade 
5. The pursuit of happiness
6. Catch me if u can (English)
Etc Etc ..,
There are so many movies or videos which are well made and they have to watched by us
So as we said, we think that most of the Students may not have time to view these movies fully or most of the students may not have facility to watch those movies or scenes
We (troll CA ) will be posting such awesome knowledgeable movie scenes in our YouTube channel weekly which will make u get better knowledge about those particular things

Visual things are more effective than anything in this world
As we promised yesterday, we started posting these awesome knowledgeable videos from movies around the globe which everyone can't have a chance to watch
here it is our 1st one
More to come, Subscribe to our youtube channel

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